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Empowering You with Knowledge: Explore Invaluable Resources for In-Home Care


Here, we offer a wealth of resources to empower you with knowledge, guidance, and helpful tools to navigate the complexities of caregiving. From informative articles on health and well-being to practical tips for creating a safe home environment, our aim is to provide you with the insights and assistance you need to make informed decisions and enhance the quality of care for your loved ones.


There is no waiting list for this program. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you may receive services immediately.

Depending upon the availability of slots across the state, there may be a waiting list for these two programs.

In certain instances, your family can serve as your direct care worker. Individuals who are legally responsible persons are prohibited from receiving reimbursement for care. The spouse, parent of a minor child, and court-appointed legal guardians may not serve as direct care workers for the client. The Medical Power of Attorney (MPOA), Power of Attorney (POA), healthcare surrogate, or any other legal representative may provide care if a direct care agency employs them.

Individuals approved for the Aged and Disabled Waiver, Personal Care, Traumatic Brain Injury, United Mine Workers, and Veterans Affairs services do not pay for their care that is provided based on the authorization limits approved by Acentra, United Mine Workers, or Veteran’s Affairs.

Private Pay rates are determined based on the level of care and services requested.

Choice Care at Home serves people widely varied in age and lifestyle. This assistance can be provided to persons who are elderly or have physical, intellectual, or developmental disabilities. Choice Care at Home serves children and adults needing daily living assistance.

You must meet certain medical and financial criteria to qualify for services under Medicaid. Medical need is based on your ability to care for yourself in your home. Financial eligibility is determined by the Department of Health & Human Resources (some financial criteria may be waived). If you pay privately, there are no eligibility requirements other than your desire and ability to pay for the services.

Services are provided to you right in your own home. This allows you and your family to enjoy privacy while receiving needed services.

Homemaker Aides provide your services. Registered Nurses train these aides to give them the skills necessary to give you peace of mind as you or your loved ones are cared for at home.

The aides will help you with the day-to-day tasks needed to keep you independent, such as assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, light housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping, and laundry.

The nurse will conduct assessments, devise plans for your care, and monitor the delivery of direct care services in your home. They will also serve as resource persons for you and your family.