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Cultivating Independence, Enhancing Lives with Our In-Home Care Services


Our agency offers in-home care services to eligible individuals statewide. In-home care assists the client with actual day-to-day tasks involved in remaining independent. Choice Care at Home serves people widely varied in age and lifestyle. Services are available to persons who are elderly or have physical, intellectual, or developmental disabilities.

To qualify for services under Medicaid, potential clients must meet specific medical and financial criteria. The ability of individuals to care for themselves in their homes determines their medical needs. Financial eligibility is determined by the Department of Health & Human Resources (some financial criteria may be waived). If you pay privately, there are no eligibility requirements other than your desire and ability to pay for the services. Clients who receive services through the Veteran’s Administration must meet all eligibility and time of service requirements.

For more information or to make a referral, please contact the Choice Care at Home office nearest you and indicate your interest in in-home care services. You can also see answers to frequently asked questions on our resources page and be better informed.

Choice Care at Home

Care Process

Experience our seamless and personalized in-home care process, tailored to meet your unique needs and delivered with compassion and expertise.

  1. MNER sent to your primary care doctor
  2. Primary Care signs MNER and returns to us
  3. We send MNER to Acentra
  4. We will call you to inform you that the MNER was sent to Acentra
  5. Acentra calls to schedule an assessment
  6. You call us to notify us of the appointment date and time
  7. We stay in contact to ensure you are prepared for the assessment
  8. Acentra calls or comes in person for your assessment
  9. Acentra will ask you what agency you wish to choose; select Choice Care at Home
  10. You will then be in the computer system for us to see, and a nurse will call to schedule your assessment.
  11. Service plan created by our nurse, and services begin!
Stephanie Burns, RN

Team Member Spotlight

Stephanie Burns, RN, Registered Nurse

Stephanie Alexander, is a registered nurse since 2008 with a BSN from Marshall University. Her background includes expertise in rehabilitation and psychiatric nursing, and she has specialized in personal care nursing since 2017. Connecting ...

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